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Illuminas offers additional reports and solutions to help companies better understand their industries and improve their status as market and social innovators.  You can request a deep dive report for an industry, a custom report for an industry leader, or a more comprehensive solution to drive your own innovation strategy.

How Can My Company Become An Innovation Leader?

Illuminas has guided companies on innovation for over two-decades and can use the tools and benchmarks from the Aii to help your company. Whether your focus is on making innovation efforts have an impact downstream in customer relationships, or on raising your social innovation profile, we can help with a custom project. We will quantify your innovation profile using our proprietary metrics, identify the drivers of customer-focused and social innovation, and prescribe an innovation-focused strategy for achieving business results. These custom studies leverage our proven metrics and survey tools, the Aii benchmark database, and a team of in-house professionals with decades of experience and public recognition as experts in innovation.

U.S. Market Summary Report

This free report provides a broad market overview of customer and social innovation among U.S. companies in 20 industries. The report identifies America’s top business and social innovators by company and by industry.

Industry Reports

For companies interested in learning more about the innovation landscape in a particular industry, this report reveals who the industry leaders are and how companies within an industry compare on customer and social innovation. The report takes a deeper look at how industry players compare in areas like customer loyalty and relative attractiveness to customers given their standings on innovation and social innovation. The report also provides insights as to how different customer groups in the industry view companies on innovation and social innovation. Customer groups include heavy versus light users, innovative versus non-innovative customers, generational cohorts and other demographics.

Industry Leader Report (available for select companies)

Learn how top industry leaders score on customer and social innovation and why through a detailed analysis of their customer loyalty, relative attractiveness and the emotional experiences of their customers when using their products and services. Get key insights into how customers perceive recent changes in key areas such as the company’s value proposition (i.e., offerings, delivery, customer-care, digital and physical facilities). Each industry leader report also includes a customer profile and how their perceptions of the company’s innovation and social innovation vary by customer groups.