The American Innovation Index

About the American Innovation Index™

The American Innovation Index™

The American Innovation Index™ (Aii) scores and ranks the innovativeness of U.S. companies based on their customers’ perceptions. The Aii covers over 150 firms from more than 20 industries, based on experiences captured from 40,000 customer touchpoints. The Aii is a joint project with Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business and the Norwegian School of Economics. The Aii is unique in that it measures innovation from the customer point of view rather than relying on expert opinions that bypass what customers actually experience.

The Social Innovation Index™

Innovation is a necessity for companies to survive and grow, but another dimension consists of innovation that benefits society and the environment. For many companies, social innovation is a core value and an expectation from customers. Social innovation also captures the degree to which a company’s transformative activities are viewed as beneficial to society or, conversely, as a force that exacts a societal price. The Aii Social Innovation Index™ quantifies social innovation of companies from the perspective of their customers, which is more relevant than relying on external experts or perceptions held by people who do not have actual experience with them.