The American Innovation Index

Illuminas to Keynote the R&D Conference

The American Innovation Index™ will be the featured topic of the keynote address at the R&D 100 Conference in Orlando on November 15thThe keynote will be delivered by two team members of Illuminas who were instrumental in developing and launching the American Innovation Index™, Charles Colby, Chief Methodologist and Founder, and Gina Woodall, President. The R&D 100 Conference, now in its fourth year, brings together leaders from the R&D community to exchange ideas in innovation, technology transfer and R&D strategies that will transform the future of R&D across industries. The Illuminas speakers will present the findings of the American Innovation Index™, an ambitious research program that quantifies and ranks customer-perceived innovation and social innovation from the customer point of view for nearly 200 companies in the U.S. The study is conducted in partnership with the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University and the Norwegian School of Economics.

According to Charles Colby, the creator of the U.S. index, “Our talk with the innovation community will focus on a winning KPI, customer perceived innovation. It is more important than satisfaction or net promoter scores because it strongly links to customer loyalty and differentiates industry leaders.” Gina Woodall added, “We will also discuss the Social Innovation Index™. When viewed along with business innovation, it separates disruptors from the truly transformative firms.”

The conference spans multiple disciplines so anyone interested in innovation is welcome to attend. The conference will also feature awards for innovation leaders recognized by R&D Magazine.

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